I had the opportunity to take part in the Double-Sulky race, and I would never regret it. Quite the contrary, I think that this race is one of the finest “equestrian” memories I took away on that day in a career that is nonetheless well stocked already… Undoubtedly also because I had the good fortune to cross the finish line first. But it’s not only that! As a “passenger,” I was able to experience the race very intensely, first hand, to understand the subtleties, feel the tension, but also the effort of the horses and the concentration of the drivers. And then there is this incredible rush of adrenalin when you come down the stretch. The suspense of the last metres. And the joy at the end of the effort. To repeat again and again… even without victory!

The Hippodrome de Wallonie | Mons provides a unique opportunity to host your professional relations in a pleasant and relaxed setting. For most of the persons present, it was a singular chance to discover the world of horseracing. The fact of going to the races and being able to try betting enhanced the ambiance of the evening greatly. Highly advised also for company parties and for events with clients!

For one evening, we were plunged in an unknown world filled with passion, hope and victories… 
The attentive reception and information provided turned us greenhorns into professionals on paper! Enchanted by the atmosphere and motivated to increase our nest egg, we were treated to a few rushes of adrenalin here and there. We were given the royal treatment by a refined catering service for an evening we will never forget. Because everybody said… we’ll be back!

For the five-year meeting of our association we opted for. bet on the Hippodrome de Wallonie. To be sure, in spite of the obstacles to be overcome in any organization of this type, the risk was low given the good “results” of previous editions on the one hand, and the “fine form” of the racetrack itself! And, without any surprises, other than a pleasant confirmation, that the bet was won, with the sun shining to boot! The 65 members in attendance went home enchanted and enthusiastic at the end of this wonderful and magnificent day with pleasant reunions and exciting discoveries of the thrills of horseracing and betting: a much appreciated presentation by way of introduction , an aperitif and high quality fare served efficiently and rapidly, the fun of betting where some cousins showed their mettle by combining passion with flair … which helped to create a pleasant and playful … family ambiance! In short, we all came away with a glorious memory of our day at the races, which the older ones added to the racetrack they knew in their youth: Dilbeek, Ostende, Sterrebeek,  …. And Mons – Ghlin!

As a coordinator of event for BNI Mons Premium, I had the opportunity to organize a networking event at the Hippodrome de Wallonie. I would first of all like to thank Agnès Goffin, who was of invaluable help in organizing this evening, during which we managed to have some 100 businessmen from the region discover the exceptional setting of the racetrack. The evening comprised three main points: the tour of the racetrack, catering and open bar, and finally an introduction to horserace betting with an opportunity to bet on races thanks to the betting tickets included in the price of admission. This event was a real success for our business club with some fine payoffs for some of the participants. An event to repeat at least once a year!