Equestrian facilities

A world-renowned site!

The Hippodrome de Wallonie | Mons has always aspired to represent the equine sector as a whole. The site is therefore available for rent for every equestrian event, whether local, regional, national or international. By way of example, our racetrack has already hosted the Jumping international 4* for several consecutive years, as well as the world championship of the Pony Mounted Games in 2018.

The tracks

* Trotting track: Mouen sand, 1083 m 

* Gallop track: fibre sand, 1345 m 

* Turn radius

* Show jumping arena: fibre sand, 160 m x 80 m

* Outdoor manage: fibre sand, 80 m x 40 m

* Large indoor arena: fibre sand 65 m x 25 m 

* Small indoor arena: fibre sand, 40 m x 20 m

Wish to rent our facilities?

The stables

* 100 boxes

* 24 stalls

* 5 showers 

* 2 antidoping boxes

* 1 veterinarian area

* 1 stewards’ area 

* 1 truck park ( > 100 places )

* 1 car park ( > 750 )

Visitor facilities

The grandstand is the ideal place to watch the races in comfort. Built on three levels, it offers a panoramic view of the entire site. Airconditioned, with Wi-Fi and accessible to persons with reduced mobility, the grandstand is equipped with TV screens so that the audience can follow the races closely.
The first floor plays host to the betting room, the stands, two bars, a children’s area, as well as a VIP area at the finish line. Capacity: > 1000 people.
On the second floor, Maureen and Patrick and their team will welcome you on racing days and serve “Brasserie” cuisine. You can then dine at ease while enjoying the magic of the horse races. Capacity: > 250 people.

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