Development of the site

Unique in Wallonia!

The public limited company Hippodrome de Wallonia / Mons SA was established in 1999. Incorporated at the initiative of the Fédération Nationale du Trot [National Trotting Federation] and the Walloon Region, it addressed several calls for such a facility from: 

- Trotting professionals who wanted a quality training site in Belgium;

- The political authorities (because Wallonia did not have a racetrack at the time, and quite substantial sums were wagered in the Walloon Region on foreign races). 
The site has grown constantly from the outset and is now a multidisciplinary facility that plays host to trotting and gallop races, but also to international show jumping events. It consequently constitutes a centre of excellence dedicated to horses, and now boasts two schools on the premises: an international horseshoeing school and a provincial school of horseracing professions.

Major player in the racing world

Primary partner of the French PMU (outside metropolitan France)

The only racetrack on Walloon soil, our fine racecourse has in a short time become one of the best partners of the French PMU (outside metropolitan France)! That is why, 90% of the sixty or so races on our calendar serve to support French bets and are transmitted on the “Equidia” channel.

L’Hippodrome de Wallonie | Mons

Some figures

• +/- 70 horse racing meetings per year
• +/- 64 days serving as support for bets in France
• 49 trotting meetings, 18 gallop meetings, and 3 mixed meetings
• +/- 588 races organized, of which +/- 468 trotting +/- 120 gallop races
• > 6,000 horses at the starting line
• +/- €3,000,000.00 in prize money distributed to the winners

Rendezvous of champions

Several big names

Drawing on its experience and facilities, the racetrack has in a very short time played host to the greatest trotting champions: Bold Eagle, Bird Parker, Timoko, Ready Cash, Univers de Pan, Jag de Bellouet, Roi du Lupin, Jardy, Love you, l’Amiral Mauzun, General du Lupin, Rapide Lebel, Olga du Biwetz, Ilaria Jet, Orso Novembre, Russel Novembre, and many others… They all emerged on the racecourse to have their name featured on the list of winners of some major races, including the Grand Prix de Wallonie* [Wallonia Grand Prix] and the Grand Prix de la Toussaint** [All Saints Grand Prix]. 
Similarly, the best European drivers and trainers, have already raced on the Mons track. Jean Michel Bazire, Franck Nivard, Jos Verbeeck, Christophe Martens, Mathieu Abrivard, Fabrice Souloy, Sébastien Guerato, and Thierry Duvaldestin are all fans of the racetrack.