Incentive day

We can help you to create a unique company event – a day to rhyme with originality, novelty, suspense and emotions… one that your clients will never forget. 
During these days, a person from our team will be on hand assist and pamper the group. A professional photographer can also accompany you to capture these memories for posterity.
Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss together what we could organize for your Incentive day.

Team building

Many companies have understood the importance of strengthening the cohesion between the members of a team to create a pleasant work environment.
Management games, experimental training courses, athletic, cultural, artistic or creative activities are organized to highlight many values during a Team Building exercise.
By choosing the Hippodrome de Wallonie as the venue of one of your business seminars, you will be buying the winning ticket!

Double-Sulky race

Partake of the unique experience of a Double-Sulky race!

Experience a trotting race first hand by participating in a Double-Sulky race! Seated next to a driver you will live all the thrills of speed and vying for advantage with the other competitors to the full. A unique experience that will go down in memory.