Example of incentive

Formula chosen:   

Meeting room – Privatized VIP Space – Guided tour – Introducing to betting – Betting tickets – Dining in the restaurant of the grandstand – Double-Sulky race

Day programme:

* 1:30 PM:  Welcoming of guests

* 2:00 to 3:30 PM:  Company meeting – Meeting room made available (projection equipment, blackboard, coffee, water and fruit basket).

* 3:45 PM:  Guided tour of the facilities.

* 4:30 PM:  Aperitif and hors d’oeuvres in the privatized VIP space.

* 5:15 PM:  Start of reception at the restaurant of the grandstand with introduction into betting and distribution of betting tickets.

* 9:30 PM:  Gathering and preparation of participants for the Double-Sulky race (equipment will be provided).

* 10:30 PM: Double-Sulky race with the name of the company and prizes handed to the winners of the race by a member of the company.

Our offer:

– Guided tour of the racetrack and introduction into the world of racing and betting:  €15/ person

– Betting tickets: €3/person

– Meal “formula at €55”: aperitif, starter (smoked salmon), main course (filet pur or entrecote or tomato stuffed with shrimp), gourmet coffee, wines and waters through the meal.

– Rental of the meeting room: €150

– Double-Sulky race with the name of your company and awarding of prizes to winners: €1,000

Total:  €2,380