Our little extras 

Guided tour

Discovery of the facilities and introduction to horserace betting.

Price: €15 / person

Betting ticket

Combined with a prior introduction, the betting ticket, customized in the name of your company, will be a small token that will plunge your guests at once in the thrilling world of horseracing. Thanks to this ticket, they will become owners of a horse to follow with excitement until the finish line. And just imagine the memory of your company they will take away if they win.

Price: €3 / Ticket

Private space

Situated in front of the finish line, our private VIP space can be placed at your disposal to host your guests during your event. This adaptable facility is equipped with a bar, furniture, TV screens, air conditioning, Wi-Fi and toilets.

Price: €250

Double-Sulky race

Experience a trotting race first hand by participating in a Double-Sulky race! Seated next to a driver you will live all the thrills of speed and vying for advantage with the other competitors to the full.

There is a “Double-Sulky race” formula for companies. It comprises:

  • The race in your name
  • Prizes awarded to the winners by a member of your company
  • Spotlight of the company (advertising banners to be placed on the site)
  • Spotlight of the company logo on the result screens between races
  • Audio advertising message between races
  • Free admission tickets upon request (including parking)

 * We will provide clothing and accessories * 

Price: €150 / person  

Price: €1,500 for companies or groups of 12 people